Eclipse-tour has made it into the following webpages this year – click and see the articles!

Daily Mail Online Agence France-Presse Yahoo! News Traveller24 LeParisien LePoint Challenges ouest-france L'express La Croix L'obs Var-matin nice-matin Medias24 Echsar MagZLaVie investir en zone franc
24heures Le Matin Tribune de Geneve tendance La Mes Actualités La BloguElle Yle The Latvijas Sabiedriskie mediji Latvijas Sabiedriskie mediji Delfi Tūrisma gids MixNews

Some more:

Video/radio interviews:

Latvijas Sabiedriskie mediji
Valmieras ziņas
Bez Tabu 00:28:30
Latvijas televīzija
Latvijas radio 1

Used to be here as well…,3156131.html,57156.html–terre-promise-des–chasseurs-d-eclipse.html

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